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Decory Printy Protective Case Rabbit

Decory Printy Protective Case Rabbit

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If something is important to you, protect it! How about rabbit style? Unlike the animal models of this silicone case, it doesn't jump around wildly, but ensures a soft landing if you drop your Decory Printy. So you can take it with you everywhere.

" " (How cool is that? - in rabbit language)

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Our Decory Printy

Our Decory Printy is the latest and hottest innovation in learning enhancement. It allows you to print stickers, shopping lists and even self-portraits in incredible quality at lightning speed. Your creativity knows no limits!

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Stunning quality

Our Decory Printy convinces our numerous customers with one thing in particular: extremely good quality - and it's quick, easy and a thousand times more efficient than with conventional printers.


Our all-rounder

Our Printy may not be able to cook or tidy your room, but he can print out delicious recipes for you, remind you of important events, help you study or just print extremely aesthetic pictures!

Decory Moony- Riesenflummi

Dein Eigener

It doesn't get any cheaper!

Imagine you had a regular printer, which is expensive in itself - and then add the cost of the ink...

But you are clever and buy yourself a mini printer for only €39.99



Of course without ink! Our mini printer prints these horny pictures exclusively with heat on thermal paper.

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